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Michelle Claire Ryan (born April 22, 1984) is an English actress. She was previously best known for portraying the role of Zoe Slater on the BBC1 British soap opera EastEnders. She now stars in the NBC television series Bionic Woman.Michelle Ryan was born in Enfield, Greater London. A member of a local theatre group since she was 10, she was picked for her role in EastEnders when she was 15 and first appeared on the show in September 2000; for the part, she affected an East End cockney accent, rather than speaking her usual Received Pronunciation. In 2005, she announced she was leaving EastEnders to concentrate on work in theatre and films.She has mused that her involvement with the show served as a dress rehearsal for working on Bionic Woman.
During summer 2005, Ryan appeared in a run of Who's the Daddy? at the King's Head Theatre. The play by Toby Young and Lloyd Evans is based on the David Blunkett paternity case.Ryan auditioned to replace Billie Piper as the Doctor's companion in Doctor Who; however, Freema Agyeman was ultimately chosen for the role.

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